Winter Season

When it turns winter you know its official, the cold weather is here and you are in it for the long haul!  What better way to enjoy the winter than with foods that build your body.  Just like in fall, in winter you will look to hot soups and stews to keep you cozy and a few extra calories may be needed to keep your body warm.

Because the nights are longer and the days shorter, winter is a time that your body focuses on rebuilding.  Proteins from nuts and seeds, starches from root vegetables, and also Vitamin C from citrus fruits will keep you prepared and ready for the cold days.  If you eat a variety of winter fruits and vegetables, your body will be equipped to fight the maladies the winter season brings with it.

Cold winter air can be dehydrating so drink plenty of water and eat potassium rich fruits and vegetables to keep your electrolytes up.  You can find potassium in winter squash, sweet potatoes, potatoes (especially the skin), and kiwifruits.

You may find that many farmers’ markets are closed during the winter months but don’t let that halt your seasonal eating.  You can find seasonal vegetables at grocery stores, co-ops, purchase directly from a farm, or you may find another farmers’ market that may be open.  Thanks to an increase in interest of seasonal eating, there are several ways to continue supporting your seasonal eating during the winter.

Winter foods that you will find at your farmers’ markets, local farms or grocery stores:

Fruits: Apples, cranberries, persimmon, grapefruit, oranges, pomegranate, kiwifruits, and pineapple.

Vegetables: Sturdy greens, roots, winter squash, kale, celery, and pumpkin.

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