Vegan Sandwiches

Not sure why but I have been on this sandwich thing… Ok, ok, I do know why. Ever since I saw The Encyclopedia of Sandwiches in Crate and Barrel I am now infatuated with the idea of making sandwiches and plenty of them! Mind you the book is in no way vegan but that does not matter at all as it is chocked full of history and what I call vegan inspiration. Aside from the ideas I pulled from the book, here are other mouth watering sandwiches I found on the web:

The list starts off with the efforts of Namely Marly and several other bloggers awesome feat to veganize America’s top 10 sandwiches. If you followed the series last year as I did, I am pretty sure you were sitting at the edge of your seat waiting to see the creativity coming out of the kitchen of vegan, veg, and gluten-free bloggers. I would totally go for the Veganized Fried Chicken Sandwich and The Maple. Way to go team!

The next sandwich, ahem, I mean panini, comes from Panini Happy where Kathy has this awesome cheesy gooey Green Goddess panini. I have my eyes on this one and will let you know when I veganize. If you beat me too it I will be extremely jealous but would love to hear how it came out! Thanks Kathy for your creation.

Vegan Soul Power came up with not only 1 but 50 quick vegan sandwich ideas. Overwhelming since I have been knee deep in sandwich recipes but an awesome list for any vegan to bookmark for later use. Quick and easy is awesome. Thanks T for creating an exhaustive list for fellow vegans and those looking to have some meat free meals.

Over at Fat Free Vegan I found a BLT (oops I mean) TLT that is right up my alley. Prior to becoming a vegan I actually hated the smell and taste of bacon but I love smoky tempeh, coconut, and eggplant! Any of these can help create a yummy BLT, TLT, CLT, ELT (whatever you want to call it!).

Last but not least is the Faux-Dillas found over at Veggie Terrain that looked too awesome to pass up. While technically not a sandwich, they serve the same purpose. Bread with filling… Yum!  She also does a nice looking Chickpea Salad Sandwich.

I could go on because right now I am really obsessed with sandwiches.  I hope to get some cooking by March when my fasting period ends.

What is your favorite sandwich?

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