Seasonal Vegan Sites and Recipes no.1

Seasonal Vegan Inspirational Sites and Recipes

There are so many sites on the web with good cooking that it is a challenge to share only a few that provides inspiration to the Seasonal Vegan kitchen. But there are a few sites that call me back again and again and some are not necessarily vegan. With creativity and a cook’s advantage it is all so easy to veganize recipes so I don’t discriminate.  :) I will admit that it is a tad bit more challenging to make recipes gluten-free.

So here are a few sites that I like:

Veggie Belly for yummy spice filled recipes and colorful pictures. Sala also makes some fun recipes for the kiddies.

Healthy Happy Life for colorful and healthy vegan meal inspiration. Kathy does great with sandwiches, wraps, and fun recipes that kids will love.

A Veggie Venture because there are tons and tons of vegetables recipes and I fell in love with the cauliflower Spanish rice years ago.

The Gluten Free Vegan is a new site for me but the recipes look awesome and they are gluten-free and vegan! That does not happen often.  I have an affinity to all things southern (vegan that is) and the deep fried pickles will be accompanying a vegan po’boy one day soon.

Oh and I almost forgot… Golubka! Yum is all I can say about this site.  I think the Mediterranean dolmas is first of many recipes from Golubka on my to make list and the edible puzzle looks quite fun.

That’s my handful! Of course there are many more I have found and will find in the future and I will share whenever I find a yummy recipe to feature our seasonal vegetables.

What are your favorite sites and why?

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