Kiwifruit a.k.a The Kiwi

Sometimes called kiwi for short, this southern China native made it to the United States in the 1960’s by way of New Zealand. During its travels the kiwifruit went through a few name changes before being named after the kiwi, a New Zealand bird. Though the name change was to “kiwifruit”, most people refer to the fruit as “kiwi”.

The sweet and tangy kiwifruit has gained popularity over the past 20 years. About 98% of the kiwi grown in the United States is produced in California from October to May. Because the kiwi has a variety of nutritional benefits some refer to the kiwifruit as a new superfood.

How Kiwis are Good for Your Body

The nutrition benefits of kiwis are numerous. A serving of kiwifruit has over twice the daily allowance of vitamin C which is almost twice the amount as two oranges of equal weight. The kiwi is high in fiber which aids in digestion, lowering cholesterol, and keeps your heart healthy. Kiwifruit also is high in potassium which aids in your physical performance with one serving having more potassium than a banana. The kiwi is also a good fat free source of vitamin E and is also a great source for folic acid.

How to Select Kiwis to Eat

When selecting a kiwi go for plump and fragrant fruits that give to slight pressure. Pass on any kiwis that are soft, shriveled or blemished. The unripe kiwi is tart with an astringent taste and these should be allowed to ripen to enjoy the kiwi’s natural sweetness.

How to Store Kiwis

Storing kiwis depends on how ripe they are when purchased or picked. To ripen kiwifruit store them at room temperature or place them in a bag with an apple or banana. Ripe kiwifruit can be stored in the refrigerator for 2-3 weeks.

How to Eat Kiwis

An easy way to enjoy kiwi is to cut the fruit in half and eat the flesh with a spoon or wash the kiwi and eat the flesh and the fiber dense and nutrient rich skin (yes, eat the fruit whole). If eating the skin is not your thing, you can peel kiwifruit and enjoy.

Recipe Inspirations:

I eat my kiwis alone either before or after a workout but there are many people out there who have made wonderful kiwi recipes that maybe one day I will give a try. Here are a few recipes for inspiration:

- Heather at Sweetly Raw made an awesome looking Zingy Kiwi Coconut Cream. The ingredients are simple and coconut is one of my favorites.

- The Kiwi Mango with Strawberry Coulis from Helen over at The Raw Palate is a bright and colorful way to serve 3 yummy fruits.

- Brittany at Real Sustenance has not just one but two raw kiwi cheesecake recipes. One is a 2-Layer Mango Kiwi Cheesecake and the other a Kiwi and Lime Cheesecake.

- I found a cooked recipe too at Lite Bite for an Eggless Kiwifruit Muffin.  How yummy does that sound!?

As you can see, kiwifruit is an awesome fruit to add to your winter diet. They are especially an added benefit to any workout.

What are your favorite ways to eat kiwis?

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