Favorite Foods: Vegan Pizza

Another day of fasting and I am on the web looking at recipes for one of my favorite meals, PIZZA! Man, it was a little tough once I went gluten-free to make a good pizza crust but I finally found one that I liked adapted from a recipe over at Book of Yum.

During my fasting pizza perusing I found the following pizzas that made me want to bite into my computer monitor (not lying here):

David and Luise at Green Kitchen Stories made not one but many mini pizzas! Photos are awesome and the pizzas look nice and fresh. They are veggied to the rim and would be an awesome way to show off your seasonal flare. For the potato pizza I would just brush with olive oil and top with the potatoes and maybe some brazil nut parmesan.

Kathy over at Healthy Happy Life had waaayyyy too many vegan pizzas that looked awesome. I want to try the cheesy broccoli pizza, balsamic brussel sprout and pearl onion pizza, mini bbq veggie pizzas, and her beachy pizzas. She also has an angry birds pizza for the kiddies. If you have kids or just want to give love to your inner child, you can’t pass up on that one.

Going with the theme of more than one pizza in one night, Miss Alix over at Cute and Delicious made quite a few pizzas in one night. She also made a cherry and arugula pizza that looks inviting.

I also found another gluten free crust on Ginger Lemon Girl that I plan to try when this delightful fasting is over. To veganize , I would sub out the eggs with ground flax or chia. Thanks Carrie!

Now pizza is not my only favorite meal. I am quite fond of Ethiopian food, greens and cornbread, and vegan dogs with sauerkraut. As I was salivating over the web, Mr. Seasonal Vegan made an Ethiopian meal with sautéed leeks and radish greens, salad, and mesir wot (pictured below). Since I had an Ethiopian feast prior to fasting I did not wine too much.  I loved how he incorporated our seasonal fare (leeks, radishes, and winter greens) into his Ethiopian meal!

What are your favorite foods and your favorite pizza recipe?

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