Hello World! :)

Welcome to Seasonal Vegan! I am so excited to invite you into my home and kitchen to experience the delights of seasonal eating. My goal is to provide a place for you to come and find recipes, ideas, and support in your choice to eat in season. Seasonal eating is an important decision as it supports many aspects of our communities.

Understanding that each fruit and vegetable has a season lets us focus on eating them when they are high in nutrients. This totally changed my world of cooking. To know that Mother Nature has this in-depth knowledge of our changing physical needs was enough to put me on track to focus on seasonal eating. Vitamin C in the winter, detoxifying foods in the spring, water filled vegetables and fruits in the summer and bounty in the fall. This caught my attention and I wanted to explore more.

In addition to having the right foods at the right time, when we eat in season the time picked and travel time of produce is shortened significantly so that we are getting the fruits and vegetables on our tables a lot sooner. Imagine loads of unripe fruits and vegetables picked, traveling thousands of miles, processed with ethylene gas, and waiting for lengths of time in the grocery store for you to buy them. Now picture your local farmer picking ripe fruits and vegetables the night before or day of the farmers market and driving short distances to provide you with the best of the season’s produce. Which would you choose?

So, welcome and explore.  Seasonal Vegan is here to bring out the seasonal chef in you with recipes from across the world.

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