Seasonal Vegan is about bringing my love for cooking, my desire to be healthy, and my support for local environment all into one. There will be loads of cooking which will focus on foods that build your body. The awesome part is when we eat within the season we are providing the exact nutrients are body needs for that time. Eating in season is beneficial for your body and you also support local farmers and your environment. It is a way to take back your power to choose what is right for your health, your community, and your environment.

Understanding that each fruit and vegetable has a season lets us focus on eating them when they are high in nutrients. In addition, when we eat in season the time picked and travel time is shortened significantly so that we are getting the fruits and vegetables on our tables a lot sooner. Imagine loads of unripe fruits and vegetables picked, processed with ethylene gas, and waiting for lengths of time in the grocery store for you to buy them. Now picture your local farmer picking ripe fruits and vegetables the night before or day of the farmers market and driving short distances to provide you with the best of the  season’s produce.  Which would you choose?

Why vegan? For me, the long road to veganism spanned several years. Over the years different meats were getting cut out of my diet until one day there were no more left to cut out, and vegan it was.  There are several reasons to follow a vegan diet including health, spiritual, and ethical reasons.  I do it for a mixture of all of those reasons.  Do what feels right for you but challenge yourself to eat more meatless meals and more raw vegetables.  Meatless Mondays is a good way to start. I have even started to incorporate Raw Fridays to help get more raw vegetables in my diet.

So this is where I come into your lives and kitchens.  Since I love to cook and I love fresh local produce, I wanted to provide a meeting place to help support your desire to eat locally and within each season.  Seasonal Vegan is a resource, a recipe guide, and community.  It’s the place to come when you get a large box of seasonal veggies and you stare at the box with the “I don’t know what to do with these vegetables” look on your face.

I want to stray away from the common stir fry, steam, and cheese it up recipes (although you will find some) and go beyond that.  Getting exotic and creative will keep our desire alive to search out more seasonal vegetables and fruits to cook with.  Most of us know about eggplant parm but what about abala, a steamed black-eyed pea and eggplant cake.  Through Seasonal Vegan I will share with you my passion to try new recipes from all over the world.

Please enjoy Seasonal Vegan and share your experiences, triumphs, even pitfalls in seasonal eating.

Disclaimer: I am not a trained chef but someone who has cooked for their family for several years and has found the joy in making others smile with my dishes.  So, feel comfortable and enjoy!